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My Bijou definition - a small dainty usually ornamental piece of delicate workmanship

The mum behind My Bijou - Elissa
Elissa Ashcroft My Bijou surface pattern designer and business owner

My Bijou began when Elissa became a mother. She realised that she wanted to be a role model that was passionate about life. One that was confident to put her ideas out into the universe and push them into becoming a reality. A woman who doesn't settle for boring or mediocre, but one that creates her own magic. Life is an adventure. My Bijou's pursuit is to capture that essence and paint fabric with it.

I wanted to create a unisex children's clothing brand that was simple, practical and original. I wanted to share colour, creativity and real life stories of Australians.

Each new season, I will collaborate with the chosen artists and then purchase the final paintings off them. My work will then be to bring together surface pattern designs that express the engaging qualities of both the artists and myself. These designs will be arranged into a concise collection of fabrics for my clothing and released for that season.

They are for the creative mums. The eclectic mums. The mums that don't always buy designer clothes but when they choose to, they want something with substance to it. Something that shows some personality and colour for their wild little adventurers. Not everyone likes to follow the rules and fit inside a box. For those of you who can relate, I am creating "Wearable art collections" for you.

The hand painted fabric designs from these collaborations will allow artist's to reach mums they may otherwise have never reached. Allow mums to have the chance to fall in love with certain painters and illustrators and collect their favourite set. I decided to include the artists' names on the clothing and their stories on my website to give people an insight into their lives. You can see the personality that has gone into the clothing. Read the artists' story, check out their other art works for your nursery, really appreciate the whole process and become a fan of these creative geniuses.


Elissa x


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